The purpose of this project is to help youth in our community feel good about themselves as they start their day. 


Kits include basic items not all children have available to them:

     ·    Toothbrush and toothpaste

     ·    Hairbrush or Comb

     ·    Deodorant

     ·    Barrettes, Hair Ribbons, or pony tail scrunchies

     ·    Lotion

     ·    Chapstick


Items are placed in small, zippered fabric bags with an ID tag attached.


Feel Good Kits are distributed to area elementary schools and shelters. Staff distribute them to children as needed. Students are allowed to keep their kits at school so they have access to it each morning.

Each kit includes a card reminding the recipient they are loved and offers them blessings!

If you are able to donate items or financial support for this project, please contact Lori Jurek at aljurek@baldwin-telecom.net.

Thank you!