Roberts Congregational

United Church of Christ

1001 Birch Drive, Roberts WI 54023                                                (715) 749-3225





We have a vast array of programs in which you and your family may get involved or serve.    Check out the areas of interest and contact the people listed for more information, or to explore how you may serve within these ministries. We look forward to hearing from you.

Can you help meet the needs

of the Food Pantry? 


The items listed below are often in short supply!


Reusable shopping bags are available at the church.  You’re invited to take a bag and return it with the products you are able to provide.  As pantry needs change the list will be updated.  Thank you giving what you can!


          Laundry detergent            Dryer Sheets

          Kleenex                                 Toilet Paper

          Paper Towels                       409 cleaning spray

          Cream soups                        General cleaning supplies 

          Hamburger Helper             Chef Boyardee



The Lamplight Project

Join us for a very special afternoon!


A Concert to Benefit
T.H.U.G. Life Ministry

Sunday, July 23

3:00 PM

1001 Birch Drive,

Roberts WI


A blending of voice, piano, musical styles, and the love of home.


Lamplight is what you see through a window when you are standing outside.  It always looks cozy when you look into the room.  The lamplight can look even more beautiful and desirable when the room isn’t your own.  If you are homeless, lamplight makes you stop and remember that once you had a cozy room, too. 


The Lamplight Concert is sung by Kate Jennings and is made up of a variety of music about the comforts of having a home.  There are folk songs, cabaret songs, and parlor songs, and Kate delivers them all with style. The program has been selected not only to entertain but also to remind those of us who have been blessed with homes that those who have lost their homes need our help and support.


Piano accompaniment by Judith Permann.