Roberts Congregational

United Church of Christ

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Striving to Unite in Something New!

Striving to Unite in Something New! We all struggle to deal with hard times and disagreements within a church, when division hits. That struggle is real and we have to go through it in order to grow and become stronger and transformed through faith in God. No one likes to go through the struggles. The trick is to find the uniting common ground and ministries we are called to and to strive together in those things. It is in doing so that we show our deepest gratitude to God for all the things God has done for us. As we strive together, we focus on our callings, we reach out to the world, God is busy creating and renewing GOD'S church. Come join us as we look for answers to how best to strive together to unite as God's people as God leads us to something amazing and new!


Starting the Healing!

TStarting the healing.  The world at the moment seems to be full of pain and anger, violence and despair, insanity and hatred.  People are hurting and afraid which causes them to act out in ways which are counter to what Christ came to teach us.  Yet, God forgives.  God heals.  God brings hope even in the darkest times.  With all of the opinions out there of what has to be done in order to begin the healing needed to move forward, maybe the best thing we can do is start to look to God for the love and strength it is going to take to build up and forgive one another.  As our God has forgiven, so are we called to forgive.  Come join us this morning as we look at what Scripture has to tell us about the healing which comes from hope, the love which leads us to forgive, and how that healing, hope, love, and forgiveness can lead us to a whole new way of being!


Something New!

"I AM" Is Calling

God Is Busy Building!

Guard Your Heart

Getting Out of the Boat