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United Church of Christ

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Different Places, Different Voices…one God

This is a replay of our service from April 26, 2020.  As our world begins to open back up, this is a message which bears repeating!


In a day and age where we tend to define ourselves by what we are not, it is good to step back and see things from each other's perspectives.  It is hard to work together on much of anything when we divide ourselves up into little groups of people with the same point of view we have.  God has called us together in grace and mercy as one body, the Body of Christ.  We are called together from various places on the journey of faith we call life.  God speaks to us in various voices and ways we can hear and understand.  Yet, it is the same God calling us together as the family of God.  Come join us this morning as we explore what that may look like and what it could possibly mean for us in today's world!


Peace Be with You!

The world had changed drastically for the Disciples following Jesus' death and resurrection.  Times were uncertain and anxiety was high.  Yet, they adapted and overcame the uncertainty by banding together and finding new and innovative ways to minister to the world around them.  In today's world we find ourselves again in the midst of major change.  Come join us as we explore how the story of the Disciples in the days after the Resurrection may be able to help us find a path to peace in our current times!


For Thine Is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory Forever!

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