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United Church of Christ

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Giving - A Matter of Heart

Stewardship and giving is about so much more than keeping the lights on and paying the bills.  It is a matter of where our hearts are at.  It is sometimes hard to balance what the world tells us and what our hearts know to be true.  Come and join us as we look at Scripture and discover together what God says about our stewardship, looking for ways to keep what we are called to do as a focal point for our giving and stewardship.


Prophecy: A Change In Perspective!

Have you ever read the prophets of the Bible and felt like there was nothing but doom and gloom?  Or, thought why would they include all of these dark things in Scripture, it only makes God look wrathful and mean?  It might be that what is off isn't your perception of God, bu the way in which we in our day and age hear the prophecies and view what they mean to our faith.  Come join us as we look at how changing our perspective to align more like those who heard and wrote down these prophecies might change how we think and live.  Let's explore what would happen if we simply changed our perspective a bit and how that might move us to praise and worship our God!


It's About Faith

Life That Is Really Life!

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A Labor of Love...

Practicing for the Unshakable!

Love Is Tough…Tough Love!