Roberts Congregational

United Church of Christ

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Fed Through the Generosity of God

Our God does some pretty amazing things.  Often times God does them again and again, just so we will get the point.  Today we will be looking at the Feeding of the 5000 from the Gospel of John and its predecessor from 2 Kings, Elisha's Feeding of the Masses.  Come join us as we look at what the real miracle is these passages, who the real glory belongs to, and what these stories might have to do with us today.  These are not just mere stories to be looked back on in time, but a way in which to help us see who God is and how God is working yet today in our lives.  Let's see what message God may have for us in all this!


The World Our Neighbor

We often talk about the ideals of acceptance and diversity within our churches.  We often condemn both the world and ourselves for the lack of each.  Sometimes though it is important to look at things and realize where we are doing well and where our growing edges define for ourselves what various things mean to us and what the reality of the world around us is.  Come and join us as we look at the ideals of acceptance and diversity and what they mean for us as Christians, how we might better define these things, and what God is asking of us in the process.


Worship, Rejoice, Dance!

Called with Power!

God Heals the Seen and Unseen Wounds

Hope for Us Yet!

Stronger Together!