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United Church of Christ

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Returning to a New Way

In a time when the whole world seems in flux and people are looking for stability and answers, yet we may be looking in the wrong place.  Many of us are looking for a return to the stability we have known in our lifetime when we may be better served looking even further back, back to the birth of the Christian church.  What must it have been like for those first Christians trying to start a movement from almost nothing?  What did the church look like then?  Where did ministry happen?  In a time when we are needing to rebuild and refocus, those early founders may have more answers than we realize.  Come join us as we explore that early movement and how it may help us today.


A New Normal:  Faith, Love, and Vulnerability

Weeks have passed since the death and resurrection of Jesus.  The disciples are no longer hiding away behind clothes doors, and yet still more than a little lost and confused after losing their beloved leader and friend.  In trying to find some normalcy they return to the life they had before Jesus called them, the life of being fishermen.  Here Jesus meets them a third and final time in person on the seashore.  Come join us as we search out how this all plays into our daily lives as we Follow God!


Follow God!

Forgiving, Retaining, Loving!

For Thine Is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory Forever!

Humbled, Not Ashamed

Change of Attitude - Change of Life

Ambassadors of Grace

Fall on Your Knees