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Don’t Wait!  Show Your Faith Now!!

God places opportunities for us to share our faith daily.  It isn’t always in reaching the Gospel through deep theological conversation.  Sometimes it is in playing and being goofy with children, holding a hand as someone goes through a hard time, or simply being present and helping someone celebrate an accomplishment.  There is mission work, Bible study, and worship, but there is also everyday life.  Come join us as we look at why you shouldn’t wait!  Show your faith now!    


Crazy, Wonderful, Miraculous Family!!

In our fourth and final sermon in this series we will be looking at the end of the Joseph Story and how things come to a close.  God is truly amazing in how all of the broken parts of Joseph's family are ultimately used for the good purposes of God's plan.  Sold into slavery as a teen, broken family, depressed father, prison time for several members of his family, and yet Joseph becomes number two in command of all of Egypt and saves the known world from famine, gets his family back, and raises them to a high status within the Egyptian society.  Sounds like the stories we hear of today with families in many respects.  God even uses Joseph's story to reveal the greatness of God to Pharaoh! Come join us as we look at this family of God...a Crazy Wonderful, Miraculous Family!!


Loving Family and Frenemies!

Blessings! Blessings!
But You Have to Answer the Call!

Dream Big...

But For The Grace Of God...

Who Are You Giving Your Power To?

Healing Through Surrender

Playing in the Spirit