Roberts Congregational

United Church of Christ

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Hope - Change Is Coming!

With our first Sunday of Advent we celebrate the light of Hope. This is the first faint flicker of light which starts the fire of preparation in our hearts. In this light we begin to see things a little more clearly out of the darkness we have walked in. Jesus tells us to stay awake, to be on guard and watch for the one who is coming. As we prepare ourselves we watch for signs, reflect on the past, and begin to change our ways and head back to where God is leading us. Change is not a bad thing. It is what helps us grow. Come join us as we explore Hope and the change that comes with it as we prepare ourselves for the birth of the Christ Child.


Cultivating Hope!

In our final week of our Stewardship Journey we are looking at the ways in which we meet this last section of our mission statement to "Cultivate Hope." This service will be a bit different in the fact that you will be hearing from those who serve in the church, those who serve with us from other organizations and hear the "Real Story" from one who has been served and inspired. The service is a celebration of the ways in which this congregation and its ministries continue to cultivate God's hope in the world. Thank you for all you do in whatever ways you are able. Let us give praise and thanks to the God who calls us to serve, equips us to serve, and then stands beside us upholding us as we serve!


Stewardship - Known by the Love of God!

Stewardship - Living by Faith

Connecting With God

The Real Story