T.H.U.G Life Ministries

Truly Humble Under God -- T.H.U.G Life is an organization that helps teenagers in the St. Croix Valley and surrounding areas who have found themselves without a family or home.  Their mission is to assist teenagers in completing high school and continuing to post-secondary education.  T.H.U.G Life ministries helps provide for basic needs, which can be hard for any struggling family, but nearly impossible when you are young and alone.


Their short-term goal for each teen is to provide clothing, meals, finances, rides, and other support as much as they are able.  To meet these goals, T.H.U.G Life relies on the wider community to support their work.

SHIFT! coordinates a Cookie Sale and free will donation potluck in early December in our Fellowship Hall.  All proceeds are donated to T.H.U.G Life to support the needs and wish lists of teens for Christmas.   All are welcome to participate in these activities!

 For more information on their program, how to get involved or offer additional support, contact Sara at thuglifesara@gmail.com or visit their website by clicking on their logo above.